Anti-reflective coating

What is anti-reflective coating?

An antireflective or anti-reflection (AR) coating is a type of optical coating applied to the surface of lenses and other optical elements to reduce reflection. In typical imaging systems, this improves the efficiency since less light is lost due to reflection. This  improves vision, reduces eye strain and makes your eyeglasses look more attractive. These benefits are due to the ability of AR coating to virtually eliminate reflections from the front and back surfaces of your eyeglass lenses.

Blue Control


Are you looking at digital screens every day?





Eyes are increasingly exposed to blue light

From early morning until late at night we are using all kinds of digital devices. Digital devices emit blue light and as we access most of these devices at a short distance, our eyes are increasingly exposed to blue light. As the quality of screens continuously improve, their blue light emission also increases.

Although blue light is a natural phenomenon – it is present in daylight and helps us stay awake – over exposure to artificial blue light can have an adverse effect on our eye health.


How can blue light affect your eyes?

As our eyes do not provide sufficient protection against blue light naturally, over-exposure to blue light causes side effects such as eye strain and headaches. Long term exposure to blue light may also contribute to retinal damage. Over-exposure to blue light can cause you to experience one or more of the following symptoms

Eye strain and fatigue


Tired eyes and retinal damage


Protecting your eyes

HOYA BlueControl is a lens coating that neutralises the blue light emitted by digital screens. It protects your eyes whilst offering more comfortable and relaxed vision and better contrast perception, preventing eye strain and fatigue.

Diamond Finish

The wear and tear of everyday life can scratch and diminish the quality of your glasses. Diamond Finish multi-coated lenses are designed to completely protect you from life’s everyday mishaps. The advanced technology of Diamond Finish provides you with the highest scratch resistance available, ensuring long term durability and excellent performance.

Do you want your glasses to last you longer?

BlueControl is offered in combination with HOYA’s unsurpassed Diamond Finish anti-reflection coating. Aside from protecting your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light, this durable coating offers 5 times more scratch resistance than standard coatings.

Benefits of Diamond Finish Multi-coat

Reduction of glare and reflections

Ultimate scratch resistance and long lasting durability

Condensation free and water resistant

Offers 100% UV protection

Benefits of HOYA BlueControl

Neutralises blue light, reducing eye strain and fatigue

Reduces reflections for more comfortable and relaxed vision

Better contrast perception, offering a more natural colour experience

Provides 100% UV protection